Architecture and Different Design Phases

residential architects in Palm Springs is a process of creating different structures. It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that architecture is an imaginative art where an architect uses his imagination to create outstanding structures. But, it is also important to mention that architecture is not all about imagining something but there are certain scientific rules involved in the process of creating different structures.

People need an environment to live in and that’s where architecture comes into use. People need places to live, eat and relax but they can not create everything on their own. They need someone who knows how to create structures according to the scientific rules and that’s when a student of architecture helps them.

In architecture, it is the duty of an architect to combine different design options to create a building while staying within the budget. Since budget constraints can create a problem, it is important for architects to plan everything within a limited budget. What it means is that architecture is not all about building a structure but it is also about knowing how much money you need to complete a project.

When you will delve more into the details pertaining to architecture, you will find that everything moves in systematic way. Producing a work of architecture is not the easiest of jobs. There are so many complications and technical details that have to be considered before starting the whole construction process. Generally, the process starts with the creation of schematic design. This is the first phase where preliminary design sketches are made by the architect. The list of proposed materials and products is also prepared in this phase.

After this architecture phase, the next phase comes which is all about design development. This is the phase where sketches made in previous phase are converted into real drawings. This phase also involves checking requirements set by regulatory agencies. With the completion of this second architecture phase, a complete project plan is obtained.

After the full development of design, the next step is to develop project manual. This manual contains information about the final specifications. This is the phase where such documents are prepared which work as legal documents. After this particular architecture phase, it is the time now to get all important products and materials to start construction work.

Though the whole architecture process seems simple but it is not. In fact, the first phase of architecture is full of several complications that arise during the creation of design sketches. All other architecture phases have different things to consider. Due to the complications involved in all architecture phases, it is easy to deduce that you need an expert architect to get a great architecture structure.

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