Throw Fun With These Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are being held before or gamesinfoshop the birth of a child to celebrate new life that is a blessing. It is where friends and relatives extend greetings to the parents of the child for their newborn. Aside from eating and chatting, the party will be a lot of fun if there would be baby shower games. Sometimes, when a party has many guests, they tend to leave the party right away because they have nothing else to do after eating. With baby shower games, guests can know strangers in the party, they will have fun and excitement and they will enjoy playing with the parents of the newborn.

Make your party memorable for your guests and friends with baby shower games. You just have to work on your creativity in thinking of the games that can be related to the baby or to the parents. If you are having a hard time, there are baby shower games ideas below. You can integrate the ideas to your situation or personalize it.

The first game is the Baby Scramble Game. In this game, participants have to unscramble letters to form a word. Say for example, if the given is ‘enrsurymrsyhe’ the first one who can give the answer ‘nursery rhymes’ will have a point. Anyone who gets five points first will win a prize. The given words should be about babies or motherhood.

“Guess the Baby” is another game. Before the baby shower party, ask your guests to send their baby pictures. Then on the day of the party, have your friends guess the baby pictures. The person who has made more correct guesses will win and the participant who got the least correct answers or none will get a consequence.

Next idea is the “Guessing Game”. For the expectant mother or the host, place a number of safety pins or diapers in a clear jar. Pass on the jar to everyone on the party and ask them to guess how many safety pins or diapers are there in the jar. The one who can guess the right number wins or if no one gets the right answer, the one that gave the closest answer wins.

“Sing It” will be the last game idea. In this game, there would be two to three groups consisting of three members. The host will give a certain line from a nursery rhyme and will leave a word blank. For example, ‘baa, baa, black sheep, have you any _____.’ The group will raise a flag and the first one who can raise it will be given the chance to answer. They will sing the song and complete the nursery rhyme. The first group who can score four points will win a baby shower prize.

These are just some of the most famous baby shower games. You can invent your own game to make the party unique. Who knows, the guests can even adopt your own games. Shop for baby shower prizes for the games you will hold in the party. The prizes don’t have to be expensive, simple items like food containers or baby bibs will do. You can even have the prizes personalized like putting a picture or the name of the baby and the date of the baby shower.

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