Organize Your Garage – For Eternal Reasons?

Ask yourself: “Does God take the time to care about concrete patio oklahoma city storage?” He’s organized and efficient; perhaps he cares about us being organized. Well, for those who care about that kind of thing, perhaps when we take the time to thoroughly organize our garages, then we are less distracted with the minutia in our garage and we have more time to do God’s work. Hmmm! I may be on to something. But, whether or not God cares about our garage, or whether that matters to you, there are some pretty good “earthly” reasons for organizing the mess there. The question before us is: what is a simple but efficient plan to organize your garage, be it for eternal or just plain pragmatic purposes?

A garage is the perfect location for all sorts of items and activities from storing sporting equipment to tools and machines; and it’s original purpose for car parking to activities like a home-office, a gym or a workshop. Whether you use your garage (as God intended) as a multi purpose area (cars and storage) or if you are a bit less spiritual and choose to use your garage for storage only, it really needs some shelves for organization. Ok, I’ll admit, I’m being a bit tongue in cheek here, but the point remains – organizing your garage is a useful and productive endeavor and garage shelves are in the middle of that productivity (and hey, it does free up some time to serve God).

Like the Marine Corps makes recruits: Make your garage “all it can be!”

Organizing your garage can be a tiresome task but one worth completing

  • Like any organizing task, it takes planning to make it efficient – but is well worth the final product. It seems that the garage is that one place on earth where we all seem to love to be disorganized, however the sooner you get organized, the sooner that that space will become amazingly useful.
  • When you think about organizing your garage you should keep in mind that this activity is intended to find a designated place for everything while keeping your goods available for everyday use. The following steps compromise a simple approach for garage organization.Garage items should be sorted.
  • First of all sort and categorize all the items in your garage, for this you should empty your garage and start sorting everything into categories.
  • Separate the tools from sporting equipment, electric tools, etc. You will realize how much stuff you have and only then you will be able to determine the best ways to organize and store everything. For example sporting gear should be placed in a cabinet or on some shelves, tools should be placed in tool drawers or hung on to some peg boards.
  • Misplaced items in your garage should be returned to their proper place. Also you should sort the things that should be in the garage from the things that should actually be in the basement, attic or sold at a garage sale. Where possible attempt to recycle everything that you decide to throw away.
  • Be ruthless about throwing some items away and don’t think twice before you throw away anything that you haven’t used recently or anything that’s broken.
  • Think about this: if you haven’t repaired it yet, chances are you won’t repair it. Cut your losses and concentrate on what still works.
  • Also, seasonal gear should also be sorted. Boots and out-of-season coats should be organized in small closets or garage cabinets.
  • To get organized is mostly a matter of using your head, thinking through what you see before you and organizing everything in a manner that makes sense for you – remember, engineers will organize a garage differently than say a teacher, or a truck driver.
  • Go with YOUR personality, and don’t feel guilty if your neighbor’s garage – you know the one, he’s a bit obsessive compulsive, yeah, that one, well, his garage may look very different than yours – but it all comes down to functionality.

So does God care about your garage? While not knowing for certain, I believe it’s safe to say that it’s not his main priority. But this much I do know, a clean garage will give you some peace of mind and increase your efficiency, each and every time you enter your garage workspace. And that’s a pretty good reason all by itself.

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