New Chapter Mushroom Nutrition and Beta-Glucan Polysaccharides

Long known for their healing and health related properties, Ak-47 hybrid are grown organically to promote their qualities and keep them pure. Glucans are polysaccharides which contain only glucose as a part of their structural components. New Chapter mushrooms are unlike any other mushrooms anywhere. Organically grown for medicinal purposes, they are meant to increase aspects of the immune system. They contain antioxidants like ascorbic acid, phenolic compounds, tocopherols, and carotenoids. Various strains of mushroom are grown for their antioxidant activity, among which include the maitake, reishi, oyster mushrooms, and shiitake.

Medicinal mushrooms and blood sugar levels

Through much research it has been shown that some of the medicinal mushrooms, such as the reishi, agaricus campestris, and chaga are capable of lowering elevated blood sugar levels. The maitake is especially suited for lowering blood sugar because it contains a compound that is known to be an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor.

Medicinal mushrooms and cholesterol

The reishi and agaricus blazei mushrooms have shown us to be capable of effectively inhibiting cholesterol levels. Shiitake mushrooms contain a specific anti-cholesterol compound which is known as eritadenine, and oyster mushrooms are found to naturally contain lovastatin which is well known to lower cholesterol.

Mushroom research at New Chapter

Mushrooms go through various life cycles, each of which adds critical and unique nutrients. These in turn offer greater protection from harmful diseases and promote their healing qualities. Some proven facts about mushrooms include:

– After over fifty years of research, mushrooms have been confirmed to possess natural therapeutic capabilities which address a wide range of health related concerns.

– Mushrooms provide needed respiratory support while also promoting brain function and a healthy liver.

– Mushrooms have proven abilities to support the immune system.

– Vitality, wellness, sexual function, and endurance are given a boost by medicinal mushrooms.

– Whole mushrooms, containing their entire life cycle are essential for their health promoting qualities.

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