Garage Workbenches a Guide to a Better Work Top

Selecting the right top up likee for your garage or basement workbench starts by knowing how you want to use it and the type of work you will do. In addition, knowing how you will be using the workbench will help you determine the type of storage that is required. For automotive and related uses, consider a laminate top or stainless steel for ease of maintenance, durability and overall appearance. If you are a do it your self kind of person who likes to do home repairs and refinish furniture? A workbench with a maple butcher-block top, even 16-gauge steel, will provide very low maintenance and have extremely smooth non-sticking surfaces. What you decide should be unique to you and reflect how you will use the workbench.

Your workbench top should be tough, require minimum maintenance, and look good. The workbench should provide an open area for work, and have built-in storage space for all your tools and accessories.

Workbench tops are made standard sizes and available in a number of different materials including 16-gauge steel, laminate, aluminum, stainless steel, and maple butcher block. You have a wide selection of workbench top options and choices such as overall size, shape, color, and design. Each of the options are unique to the individual construction material of the top.

Maple workbench tops lead the crowd as a top choice of homeowners because they look great and are tough enough to withstand years of abuse and still survive. Maple butcher-block tops are made of compressed strips of hard maple glued together in the required size and finished with a smooth nonporous low maintenance acrylic finish that enhances the natural wood color.

Maple butcher-block bench tops are available online and from your local garage remodeling companies. Workbench tops are made in standard sizes or they can be designed and created to your custom size requirements.

Stainless steel workbench tops are an excellent solution for anyone who needs a real heavy-duty work surface that is tough, long lasting, nonporous, and is low maintenance. Stainless steel workbench tops cost more then laminate however, they will give you 10 or more years of service and can be used in any home garage workshop.

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