Betting on Horse Racing – The Secrets of a Horse Betting Pro

The fact is that most people regard making a good regular income from تتل بت On Horse Racing as an impossibility or something that they need to have years of experience behind them to achieve. In reality I believe that anyone can make consistent profits by building up their betting bank and increasing their staking levels in accordance with their betting bank. The main obstacle that people face is that they do not set up correctly to make money.

I recommend that you learn the basics of betting to give yourself a good grounded foundation to build from. This includes: The first thing you must do is to set yourself an affordable “betting bank” from which you can place your bets. The most important thing with setting up your bank is to ensure it is totally separate from your day to day money. Your betting bank is your “working capital” and if you lose your bank then you are out of business. I will cover this in more detail in a future article.

Money management is what sets the Betting Pro apart from the average punter or gambler. A Pro will know exactly how much he is going to stake on each and every bet he places. He will set his staking levels in accordance the size of his betting bank – usually as a percentage of his bank. So as he wins and increases his bank his stakes naturally increase but if he is on a losing run he reduces his stakes to protect his bank. I will write an article solely focusing on how to set your staking levels.

The next step on the road to success is in thinking like a Betting Pro. He will approach his betting as a business, with no place for “fun bets”. You need to be making clear betting decisions each and every day. You must develop patience and discipline to see through any losing runs. The importance of developing this approach to your horse race betting is just as important as the selections you make and your money management.

I see so many new bettors who would actually make money over a season, give up after a few losing bets, because they fail to master this mindset. I have prepared a further article to help you master this area of your betting. The final piece of the puzzle is Information.Yes, having the correct information from the correct source will save you time and more importantly it will guarantee you success and profit, month after month and season after season.

When I first became a serious bettor over 10 years ago, I made it my job to attend as many race meetings as I could and meet as many people in the business as possible. Over the years this network of contacts has grown and grown until I now have contacts at most stables in the UK, as well as some very close contacts from Ireland.

Each day I receive phone calls and emails from my contacts, letting me know how their horses are performing on the gallops or schooling over the jumps. I recommend that anyone who is serious about making money from horse racing in the UK builds themselves a network of contacts to help in their selection process. Along with learning to read form – this will give you the very best chance of making the right selections and most important obtaining the best odds for your selections.

Absolutely – I tell everyone who I mentor that betting on horse racing is not a “get rich quick” scheme – this is a traditional approach to building your betting bank – increasing your stakes and building your income – month in and month out. As promised, I will write you some articles covering each individual area to help you on your way.

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