Beginner RC Planes – How Many Channels Do I Need?

When starting in the world of rc planes the first thing you need to do is purchase a plane. Choosing the right plane can be a difficult task. There are many features that a beginner rc plane should have. One of the things you are going to need to consider is how many Best Free IPTV subscription you need.

Channels are what control the planes movement and speed. The channels are controlled by the transmitter. 2 channels are necessary for all planes in order to fly. Most all beginner rc planes use either 2 or 3 channels. Let’s look at what the channels do.

In a 2 channel plane one channel is used to control the elevator while the other channel is used to control the rudder. The elevator is used to control the up and down movement of the plane. The rudder is used to control the side to side movement which makes the plane turn.

A 3 channel plane uses the 2 channels as mentioned above, but adds a 3rd channel. This third channel is used to control the pitch of the plane. This is done by controlling the speed of the motor. This can be very useful in helping control the descent of the plane without having to actually move the plane. This will help you have more controlled landings.

Once you are more experienced you can move on to a plane that has 4 channels. This fourth channel is used to control the ailerons. The ailerons make the plane roll and are used in more advanced flying.

For a beginner pilot I recommend a 3 channel plane. All more advanced planes use 4 channels so knowing how to fly with 3 channels is a must if you want to keep moving on. Starting out using a 3 channel plane will help make the adjustment to a 4 channel plane much easier. You will also have more control over the plane which is always a good thing.

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