Arboriculture – Cultivation of Trees

While walking around town, one comes across gardens, boulevards, promenades, parks, streets or road sides, one of the most common sights that a person sees are multitudes of trees. Trees, shrubs and plants that are planted and grown in public places are well known as public trees since they are planted, managed and taken care of by Government departments. Trees and plants often provide a luxuriant green cover to the normal dismal and monotonous urban indoor growing.

Landscaping is one of the major areas that involves plenty of hard work and requires an eye for detail. A professionally landscaped area lends an aesthetic sense and tends to beautify most of the areas in metropolitan cities where most of the space is taken over by towering skyscrapers which result in cities becoming a concrete jungle. The term, “Arboriculture” refers to the cultivation and management of trees.

Landscapes comprise of not only trees, but also include shrubs, exotic plants, hedges and verdant green grassy lawns. Although trees and plants grow on their own, yet they need to be tended regularly to ensure that they do not decay and die. This is particularly essential where exotic plants are grown. Plants, shrubs and hedges need to be pruned and trimmed periodically to ensure that they do not overgrow and create a mess of an otherwise beautifully landscaped garden. Appropriate care needs to be provided to trees to ascertain that they remain healthy and attain their normal longevity. It is also necessary to remove rotting trees from the landscaped area before they become an eyesore.

It would be prudent to mention that arboriculture is not only restricted to gardens and public parks or tree lined avenues. A landscaped garden is one of the most soothing sights to the sore eyes. It is pleasing sight to view a patch of greenery amongst a conglomeration of high rise buildings in the city. There are several realtors who engage the services of horticulturists or arborists to provide a landscaped garden around their soaring office building complex. Town and city planners along with governmental agencies in metropolitan cities have made it mandatory for realtors to provide an open green space around their office buildings.  

Fruit trees require heavy pruning to allow more branches to come up to produce more fruit. One of the specializations of an arborist is taking care of fruit trees since they require special attention in comparison to other trees as well as diagnosing any pestilence occurring in fruit trees through any probable symptoms.

Throughout the world, there are hundreds of species of trees that are grown all over the world. Trees that are usually grown in a tropical climate do not flourish in other parts of the world, since they have varied requirements and climatic conditions. Some of the arborists specialize in the cultivation and management of tropical trees which are known as exotic trees. A tropical horticulturist who gains specialization in working with exotic trees is known as a Trophort. These trees are required to be maintained in green houses where constant temperatures conduce to tropical trees are maintained as well as they are pruned regularly to maintain the water content in them.

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