Why a One Cup Coffee Maker Is a Great Idea

Coffee lovers will all agree that there is just nothing better than a really well brewed cup of hot steaming coffee. The problem is, how to get that great https://emilybrydon.com/how-many-1-4-cups-are-in-a-cup/ of coffee every time? A one cup coffee maker could be the answer to creating perfectly brewed coffee for every single cup of coffee you brew.

Coffee is definitely its best when freshly brewed. After it sits for a while, it slowly turns into somethings that resembles mud and tastes about as good. Saved coffee that has been reheated is not much better. That is just the fact of the matter. To get a truly delicious cup of coffee every in every single cup you drink it is almost a must to brew it cup by cup.

Another problem is the quality of the coffee you brew. Even when you buy quality coffee beans and grind them yourself using the same amount of water with the same amount of coffee it is never a given that the first cup will be consistently delicious each and every time. If for some odd reason you freshly brewed coffee does not turn out as good as you expected you are then stuck with a pot of ‘so-so’ coffee.

One way to get a gourmet cup of coffee is to buy it in a specialty coffee shop. This can be delightful but also very expensive and a tad inconvenient. By the time you get in the car and drive to the coffee cafe for that gourmet cup of coffee the mood may have passed.

There is a simple solution to all of this. A one cup coffee maker will solve the inconvenience and cost issues as well as being stuck with a pot of ‘so-so’ coffee sitting on a warming plate or being reheated. A freshly brewed cup of coffee each and every time you want a cup that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, so to speak, is optimal. Small coffee makers can be used to brew just one cup of coffee and will only cost pennies per cup. However, the coffee ground will need to be ground in the perfect amount each time or a container of ground coffee will be sitting on your counter on in your freezer getting stale over time. This means the quality of each freshly brewed cup of coffee you make will diminish over time.

The obvious solution to the perfectly brewed fresh gourmet cup of coffee is using a coffee maker that is designed to produce one cup of coffee perfection each and every time.

This is the one cup at a time coffee brewing system and is my recommendation as a real solution to creating perfect coffee with every single cup you brew. The cost is higher than the average large coffee maker but the advantages certainly outweigh the extra purchase cost. The average for using the One Cup Coffee Maker system is about $0.40 per cup. This is far less than the cup you will buy in a cafe but more than it will cost for each cup in a big pot of coffee you brew.

The reason for choosing this particular brewing system is the versatility it offers. This is a mid-range system cost wise because it does offer three choices in the sizes of the cups you brew. You can choose to brew a regular cup sized cup of coffee, or choose medium setting for a mug of coffee or you can even brew a large cup of coffee in a travel mug for your morning commute.

All of these types of coffee makers use what is called a ‘K-Cup’. These are becoming more and more readily available even appearing on the grocery shelf presented by Folgers. K-cups come in a variety of roasts and even come in a variety of teas. Your one cup of freshly brewed beverage can even be a perfectly brewed cup of gourmet tea. The K-cups come in a box of individually vacuumed packed sealed cups that just drop into the coffee maker and then are dropped directly into the trash with no cleanup necessary. You know how great it is to pop the seal on a container of coffee the first time. You get this with each K-cup.

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