The Home Karaoke Machine Revolution in the US

There is a new revolution in the US, and it’s called 강남가라오케! Invented in the 1970s in Japan, this fun new venue of entertainment is now enjoyed all across Asia, Europe, and the USA. On any given day, you may hear karaoke songs wafting out of your neighborhood nightclub. You can take a karaoke break at your local bowling alley on Karaoke Night. Or you might find yourself enjoying a song with your karaoke Ipod wherever you happen to roam.

Your next exercise class is likely to be a Spinning Karaoke class, where you sing karaoke while riding a stationary bicycle. And to add to your pleasure, you can now get your own full-featured karaoke player to enjoy a round of karaoke songs with your loved ones, right in your own home, whenever you want!

Having your own home karaoke machine brings the ultimate entertainment to you with the click of a button. In addition, your karaoke player will also bring you health benefits, help your children learn to read, save you money on entertainment costs, and even help you learn other languages! It’s versatile and beneficial!

With more and more health challenge alerts on the news every day, it’s nice to know that something as fun as a karaoke player can help you keep fit and healthy. Singing karaoke songs can give you a hefty workout, especially when you belt out the songs and dance like a rock star while you are singing. In order to sing properly, you need to breathe deeply, thus helping to keep your lungs in shape. You burn lots of calories, exercise your muscles and your heart, and release tension and anxiety. Karaoke singing even releases a surge of endorphins (the “happy” hormones that make you feel GOOD)! You could think of your karaoke machine as an effective workout machine that leaves you feeling GOOD when you use it!

Home karaoke machines are easily available, and can now bring you a lot of the features previously found only in the best karaoke bars. You can find karaoke players that let you control the pitch, tempo, and key of each song to better match your voice range, so that your singing sounds better. You can adjust the echo on your voice, too, so that you have that professional quality sound.

And you can even find models, such as The SongStation Karaoke Machine, that fit all these features into a small machine the size of a slim-line DVD player, hook up to your own home entertainment system, and have an instant inbuilt karaoke song library right at your fingertips!

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