Stages of a Relationship – What Are the Different Stages Of Relationship?

Were you one of those individuals who have never dated anyone? Never been kissed? Never had a special romantic relationship with anyone before? Then you must lack some ideas on what a “real” romantic relationship is!

There are different Phoenix karaoke of a relationship and you must know them so that you will appreciate more if you started dating someone. Learning the stages of a relationship will also help you handle yourself well. This will keep you standing on the right ground and manage your expectations so you will not get hurt much along the way.

Before you expect too much from a guy or a girl you are dating, look into the different stages of a relationship listed below. That way, you will have an idea on what expectations o set on a specific stage. You will also determine through the stages if you are both getting into romantic relationship or just friendly and purely platonic.

Stage #1: Getting-to-know each Other

All relationships start with introducing oneself to other people. In this stage, you are starting to gather information about a person and what he/she hates or likes. In this stage, you will find out if you are at ease or uncomfortable with a person and this will be the determining stage if both of you can develop a friendly relationship. This stage can last for a short or long time. Depending on how frequently the individuals communicate.

Stage #2: Friendship

Almost all serious relationship everywhere started on friendship. It does not need any serious friendly relationship. This stage will further strengthen the relationship built from the getting-to-know stage. Without friendship, there will be no relationships that will last long. It is friend ship thet keeps the bond between two people and it is where respect is deepened.

Stage #3: Dating

During the friendship stage, if two persons feel that they feel something more than platonic, they can proceed further to the next stage which is dating. In the beginning, it can be a friendly date where some people can join the event. You can go out with a person along with a couple of friends but still get to spend some time which each other. If both individuals feel that they want to spend time together alone, they can proceed to the next stage.

Stage #4: Exclusive Dating

This is the last of the different stages of a relationship and it is where the two persons who felt comfortable dating with other people but want to spend more time together can date exclusively. This means they dedicate their time for each other and they are no longer interested in seeing and dating other people. This stage is already the romantic relationship phase and you can start calling the person you are dating exclusively as your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is the stage where both people plan for things together, make decision conjugally and even own things conjugally. From this stage, marriage will sprout especially if this stage is kept seriously and the relationship is further strengthened.

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