Keyboards: Part of the Infrastructure of Communication

USB keyboards are those most common type computer reddit mechanical keyboards which are a staple item in the infrastructure of modern communication. Computers have become increasingly more popular in modernized society as a multi-usage tool. Some of the more common uses for computers are business, social networking and blogging, and gaming; everyone uses their computer differently, but without a keyboard, it would be useless.

Some keyboards come with specific features designed to aid the operator of the computer in their endeavors. Light up keys, a generally universal keyboard set up, and varying key sizes are all examples of features which may make a user more comfortable operating the technology.

An illuminated keyboard is an especially hot commodity with gamers who may need to seek out command keys quickly while playing in the dark. Gamers are not the only users who would find lit keys to be useful because, while it may not be as urgent as a gamer searching for a command key, having light-up keys makes a keyboard easier for the operator to navigate.

Other comfort features such as key sizes and a universal set-up serve the purpose of making keyboards quicker to adjust to. While it may sound like there are no drawbacks to keyboards, there are always two sides to an argument. That being said, while keyboards are a positive thing, anyone gaining access to the keyboard of someone else may pose a potential danger to that person and their private information.

Key loggers, for example, are an obvious drawback to keyboards. This device has the ability to log keystrokes of the keyboard it is programmed to track. The most dangerous feature of key loggers is that there are two forms: software-based and hardware based. Software-based key loggers may be detected and sorted out by virus protection; however, hardware based key loggers can easily slip under the radar as virus protection cannot pick up on them and they cannot be seen. Anyone with access to the keystrokes made on a keyboard has access to that information held within the keystrokes and this may include bank information, personal information, and business information; key loggers do not censor anything, whether they are made to be shared or not.

Overall, keyboards are a necessary and useful piece of the infrastructure for modern communication. When used and guarded correctly, the keyboards can be a helpful tool to anyone while participating in the forum of modern communication.

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