Improving the Link Popularity Of Your Site

Link popularity, i.e. the number of sites which are linking to
your site, is an increasingly important factor as far as search
engine placement is concerned. Other things remaining the same,
more the number of links to your site, higher will be its
토토사이트 추천.What is important is not only the number of links to your site,
but also the types of sites which are linking to you. A link
from a site which is related to yours is more valuable than a
link from an unrelated site.

In this article, I explore different methods by which you can
improve the link popularity of your site. I start with a method
that you shouldn’t bother using, then go on to the moderately
effective methods, and then end with the most effective methods
you can use to boost the link popularity of your site.A common misconception among many Internet marketers is that
while FFA pages may not directly bring in traffic to your site,
it will help to improve the link popularity of your site, and
hence, will indirectly bring in traffic through the search

Nothing could be further from the truth. Most FFA pages can
contain only a certain number of links at a time. This means
that when you submit your site to a FFA page, your site will be
placed at the top of the page. However, as more and more people
submit their sites to the FFA page, your site will be pushed
down, and finally, when it reaches the bottom of the page, it
will be removed.Now, since you can bet that plenty of other people are also
submitting their sites to the FFA pages, your site will remain
in these pages for only a short span of time. Hence, in order to
ensure that the search engines see your site if and when they
come to spider the FFA page, you will need to ensure that you
submit your site to these FFA pages on a regular basis – at
least once a week.

Even if you used an automatic submission program to do it, can
you imagine a worse way to spend your time and/or money?
Furthermore, many search engines recognize these pages which
only contains links to other sites as FFA pages and may
completely ignore them. And while I haven’t yet seen any
evidence that submitting to the FFA pages will actually penalize
your site, there is every possibility that this might happen in
the future.

A moderately effective method of improving the link popularity
of your site is to start an awards program. You can have web
sites which are related to yours apply for an award from your
site. The sites which win the award get the chance to display
the logo for your award. This logo is linked to your site,
preferably to a page which contains more information on the

If you publish a newsletter, consider declaring the winners in
your newsletter. You can also perform a review of the winners’
sites in your newsletter. This adds useful content to your
newsletter and also gives more webmasters the incentive to apply
for your award, since you may review their sites in your
newsletter. This also gives them the incentive to subscribe to
your newsletter to see if they win the award.

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