How to Prepare Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business For Spring Profits!

Spring is in the air, and therein lies plenty of opportunity for the new foreclosure hoarder cleanup san francisco business owner to grow their business by offering basic industry services. Specific service areas of the foreclosure industry will flourish as temperatures rise.

Warm Weather Equals Foreclosure Cleanup Cash

Warm weather brings many unpleasant scenarios in abandoned homes and properties that have been foreclosed upon. These un-pleasantries can equal a cash influx for the smaller company poised to take advantage of the benefits of the warm spring season, on into the hot summer months.

Fundamental Evergreen Services

Services such as interior and exterior debris removal, foreclosure cleaning and yard work will heighten as temperatures escalate. Regular lawn maintenance, trash-out work and general foreclosure cleaning jobs can help new foreclosure cleanup companies stay afloat as they vie for more desirable jobs consisting of bulk orders.

Many times, fundamental evergreen jobs will come directly from realtors and other outsourcing real estate contractors located in a new foreclosure cleanup company’s backyard.

Bread and Butter of Startups

While the coveted, double-digit work orders from banks and larger property preservation companies are ideal, the basic, local, steady contracts will often prove to be the bread and butter of many startups.

Spring is the perfect seasonal opportunity for new business owners to saturate their geographic area with fliers, postcards, letters, emails, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings and marketing efforts. This will ensure new foreclosure cleanup companies are at the forefront of potential clients’ minds as the hot weather approaches.

How Spring Will Increase Cleanup Profits

One example of how spring will propel the need for basic services: With warm weather comes stench — sweet-smelling stench in the form of foreclosure cleanup work. Debris that has sat in a home throughout the winter months won’t be so inconspicuous when the warm weather flows in, especially in neighborhoods with houses in close proximity.

You can best believe homeowners will be calling their homeowners association (“HOA”) officers about the smell trickling from next door or down the block. Then HOA officers will reach out to the listing realtor on the sign in front of the home. After that, the listing realtor will ultimately contact the bank or mortgage company responsible for the foreclosure listing (seeking permission to have the work completed).

Another example of how spring will propel profits lies in plain old yard work. With warm weather comes high grass that will need regular cutting and the overgrown shrubs and limbs that will need trimming back. Most subdivisions hold more than a few foreclosures in these times, and you can best believe neighbors will make noise to make sure their properties are not further devalued by homes remaining in unkempt states.

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