Four Things To Consider When Choosing Your Meditation CDs

leben positiv verändern is one of the most important activities you need to do each day. One of the most important tools you need when starting to learn how to meditate is a meditation cd and it is really important that you choose the right type of meditation music. Whilst many experienced meditators will not use meditation music, beginners will find it easier to get to that state of calm and focus using the right meditation music.

#1. The Tempo of the Music

The number one issue that must be considered when selecting energie management CD’s is the tempo of the music. When choosing your meditation cd’s you need to make sure that the meditation music you choose is written and played at 60 beats per minute. Research has found that meditation music played at 60 beats per minute will help produce alpha waves on both the left and right side of the brain. The research showed that Baroque Music played at 60 beats per minute produced an optimum amount of alpha waves, better known as Calmness Waves that help you gain a sense of calm and to relax.

Baroque Music played at 60 beats per minute, produce a similar volume of alpha waves in the same way whistling a happy tune does. The alpha state of mind is ideal for creative learning and meditation.

#2. The Style of the Music

Just like with the tempo, the style of music is crucial when choosing your first energiemanagement cd. The style of music you choose will play an important role when you are first starting to learn meditation. The best style of music for those starting out is Baroque Music played at 60 beats per minute. The reason for this is that the 60 beats per minute correlates to our optimum heart rate and research has found this style of music helps a person reach that point of calm in an optimum period.

Other styles of music written and played at 60 beats per minute are also appropriate for meditation. Even music based on flowing water or bush sounds can be very useful for somebody first trying meditation.

#3. Instrumental Vs Voice

The best style of meditation cd’s is those that are instrumental rather than voice based. The only exception to the rule is where you are using a guided meditation cd. The key reason we try to avoid voice based meditation cd’s is that the person meditating, especially if they are new to meditation will tend to focus on the words of the music, than trying to release their mind.

#4. The Sorts of Instruments Used

Choosing the right sort of music with appropriate instruments will be a strategic decision and can have a huge impact on the success of your meditation session. You will find that most meditation cd’s will base their core instrument on a stringed instrument rather than a woodwind instrument. However, all that said and done there is lots of very successful meditation cd’s that use flutes for their meditation music however it is unlikely you would find effective meditation cd’s using a Saxophone.
When starting out on your meditation voyage, try to locate a meditation cd that uses string instruments such as guitars or harps because the music is more sustained and balanced.

#5. Length of the Songs

The length of the songs can play a very important role in meditating. When you are starting out you need to locate a range of meditation music that will go for a period of 20 minutes. From experience it has been found that meditating for less than 20 minutes simply does not give you the same result as meditation for 20 minutes or more. Make sure that when you do choose a certain type of music that your meditation tape plays the same type of music for the full length of the meditation period. Sudden changes in the style of music during a meditation period can affect your ability to maintain your focus during the meditation session.

Meditation can make a huge difference to your life when done correctly and one of the best tools you can use when starting out on your meditation voyage is to use meditation music. To finish I will outline the five things you should evaluate when choosing your cd’s.

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