Christian Songwriters – The Evolution of Christian Songwriting

Christian songwriters have undergone a sea change over the past couple of decades with modern technology and better opportunities paving the way for better music and more widespread possibilities. Music is as old as time itself. From the beginning of time, music has influenced man and society as a whole like no other medium. Reaching out to God has never been easier and soulful. Music is the universal language that is devoid of barriers and who is jesus songwriters have always recognized this, working on new concepts to spread the message of God all over the world.

Brave New World
It truly is a brave new world. Christian song writing is no longer about choirs, hymns, and organs. The objective of today’s Christian songwriters is to reach out to a maximum number of people within the shortest time frame. Today’s Christian songwriters have a huge arsenal of resources to generate music like never before. The primary objective of Christian songwriters has always been to spread the message of God and bring people closer to God through music. Today, writers are not restricted to writing hymnals for the church choir to sing.

Crossing Traditional Borders
Over the past couple of decades, Christian songwriters have been working across genres putting Christian music on radio, television, and various other platforms bringing millions of people closer to God. Christian music transcends across genres like pop, rock, rap, country, and gospel music. The idea is to bring Christian music to the ears of just about anybody who has a keen interest in music. By transcending genres, Christian songwriters have been successful to a large extent in bridging the gap between traditional Christian values and today’s generation.

The Revolutionaries
It was the “Jesus Movement” in the 1970s that sparked the revolution of change in Christian music, making Christian music an industry in itself. Some of the pioneers of this movement include big names such as Larry Norman, Marsha Stevens, Nancy Honeytree, and Chuck Girard.

Riding the Wave
With modern Christian songwriters turning to genres like rock and metal, Christian music rode on a new wave of popularity. This resulted in a whole new phase of Christian music evolving with the times. The current trends reflect the fact that there are no borders and there are no barriers when it comes to coming in touch with the love of God. The basic concept of writing Christian songs is to provide a platform for believers to experience the true love of God.

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