Adding Style and Function to Portable Trade Show Displays

Seasoned trade mxl tv exhibitors know the importance of having all the right elements in their trade show display– from design to functionality. And, since every trade show is different — a different location, different space allotments, or a different focus– there are many things to consider. Yet one element remains fairly constant — no matter what trade show you are attending, you have to get your trade show booth to the trade show venue.

Therein lies the dilemma. For years, trade show exhibitors here and abroad have asked for a better way to ship their custom-looking trade show displays with less expense. The exhibitor wanted to pack their trade show booths into more affordable smaller cases, yet they refused to sacrifice on style and design of their display.

Now there is a breakthrough. What if you heard there was a stylish, highly portable trade show exhibit system that can be shipped affordably in UPS(TM)-able shipping crates, would you wonder if it is too good to be true? Or, what if you heard there were highly portable add ons to your existing pop up display that offer you a sleek design through a series of kiosks that attach directly to one or both sides of your trade show pop-up exhibit, would you be interested?

Although portable pop up exhibits have been used in the trade show arena for dozens of years, they usually lack in design and style and serve merely as billboards for a product or service. The key to success, then, would be to combine both design and function with portability, while adding the capability to support computers, monitors, shelving, graphics, products and locking storage cabinets.

One solution is a new, ready-to-ship product with enhanced functional attributes, as well as style, portability and affordability–one that sets up quickly and easily without tools. This new trade show exhibit system is called AIR(TM) and is available in sophisticated material finishes including bonded metal, frosted acrylic, natural birch, and MTX “silver/aluminum” laminate. AIR(TM) features integrated adjustable halogen track lighting. It is available in six models, including a 10′ x 20′ design. Four of the six models include locking storage cabinets. And, most importantly, it can pack into UPS(TM)-able shipping cases.

Another solution is CrossOver(TM) -a trade show exhibit system that uses your existing pop-up trade show display while incorporating computer workstations, video monitors, product shelving, showcases, canopies with integrated halogen lighting, lockable storage and more. It is an extremely innovative way to give your existing pop-up trade show display added dimensions.

With CrossOver(TM), pop-up exhibit owners can retain the equity in their current trade show exhibit –whatever the brand–by adding more functional, elegant options. Since pop up displays are often simply billboards, the mechanism that makes them more functional is a universal hinging connector that attaches the vertical framework of any major brand of trade show pop-up exhibit to an AIR(TM) post. The CrossOver(TM) kiosk is attached in front of the pop-up’s curved end cap. Like AIR(TM), finishes include natural birch, bonded metal, frosted acrylic, and silver phenolic. A variety of standard colors and styles of laminate are also available. Conversion kits fit within a 10’x10′ standard trade show booth and can expand to a 10’x20′ or even larger space. Each kiosk packs into a 24″x 48″x 9″ roto-molded rolling case for easy transport, and the system sets up in minutes.

Portability and ease of shipping apply to all trade show venues, whether you exhibit in the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, the Jacob K Javits Convention Center in New York, or the Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Long Beach, or San Diego Convention Centers.

Remember, when you need to ship your trade show booth from one trade show to the next in a timely, cost-efficient manner, you should consider a trade show display that packs easily into smaller crates at less expense. By adding design to this portable display, you will be able to have a truly successful trade show display experience.

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