The main types of bets.

Bets can be divided into four main types: Single rate – this is a bet on a particular outcome. To get the winning amount of money you should multiply a bet by a factor,The main types of bets. Articles and subtract the bid. A win will be greater the higher the coefficient. This simplest form of betting. For example, two teams are فارس بت. Coefficient equals to 2.5. You bet 50 Euro and win. Your win is (50×2, 5) -50 = 75 Euro

A bet type, “Express,” is a bet on at the same time guessing some independent events. Express chances of winning are low, since it is difficult to guess the result of several events, although the winning sum is very large. To get the winning amount of money you should multiply the event rates for all of their coefficients, subtracting the amount of the bet, ie, the loss of some of the outcomes will mean the loss of all express. All bets will go entirely to a bookmaker, if at least one event in express is not guessed. For example, three games have lasted . The coefficient in the first of them – 2.3, in the second – 2.0, and the third is 2.9. If you bet express on all of three games , and your bet was 50, then the payoff will be equal to (50 x 2,3 x 2,0 x 2,9) -50 = 617

Live-bets are of interest because, despite the match on TV, we can assess the situation, find the appropriate time and make the right decision to a bet. For example, before a football match has began the KEF of the favorite was 1.6-1.7, then 20-30 minutes after the match started the score was 0-0 we can obtain a more favourable KEF.

And if your team has missed a goal , then the coefficient will be immediately 1.5-2 times higher than the initial one. When the bets fluctuate rapidly, some offices are trying to take you on kefu worse than you’ve seen. For example, it has been 1.7 and you want to put with such KEF they reply to you: – “oh we have changed KEF, you can put with 1.65 KEF” or they take you 1.7 and immediately change into 1.75.

System – is a bet of outcomes of aggregate expresses, which are included in the system. That is the system in the “expanded” form will represent all possible options for expresses of outcomes , which are included in the Express. Depending the type of system they can be expresses, consisting of 2 or more outcomes.

Bookmakers also like to invent diverse bookies promotions and bonus programms to invite new users. You can put a bet and win even two times more with the help of such programms.

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