All About a Samsung LCD Television iptv premium

As many will agree, Samsung produces some of the best LCD iptv premium on the market. A Samsung LCD television is lightweight, stylish and slim. They deliver sharp, detailed images and smooth motion quality.

Samsung offers five series of LCD televisions and several sets within each series. There is a Series 3 through a Series 7. Series 7 currently offers one television and it is a 46 inch LCD HGTV that will give you amazing picture quality. The ultra clear panel absorbs ambient light and eliminates reflections while the wide color enhancer delivers the entire spectrum of color offering great images.

If you purchase a 2009 Samsung LCD television, they are 14 percent more energy efficient than previous models. All Samsung LCD televisions are manufactured without mercury which is a huge plus. One of the most important features for an LCD panel is the pixel response time. The lower the milliseconds, the faster the response time. A very fast eight milliseconds will give you smooth motion action scenes.

Series 6 offers sixteen different televisions starting at approximately three hundred dollars for a 19 inch screen that is ideal for small spaces like kitchens and workout rooms. Actions scenes on this TV are not blurred; they look natural and realistic. You will get great clarity and resolution with crisp, sharp images. All Samsung LCD HDTVs have an integrated built in digital tuner. It does not matter if you are watching over the air HD digital broadcasts or connecting to cable or satellite. The LN55B650 55 inch screen Samsung LCD television is priced at approximately twenty seven hundred dollars. It offers Touch of Color design that is a hint of rich red bezel that creates a sophisticated look. You will enjoy outstanding clarity and resolution and the Media2.0 feature allows you to access hours of content from Yahoo and Flickr. You can sit back and watch your favorite shows in incredible high definition and enjoy amazing lifelike action. Every detail will be crystal clear.

Series 5 offers eleven different televisions ranging in price from approximately five hundred dollars to approximately thirteen hundred dollars. The LN40B530 40 inch screen has a glossy black bezel and transparent edge making it easy to love the look of this TV. You will get sharp images and this HDTV is Energy Star compliant – and that means you will save on your electric bill. The contrast and brightness levels reach new heights. Cost in approximately eight hundred dollars. Model LN46DB540 46 inch screen has outstanding picture quality. It will be easy to hook up your digital devices and you will enjoy crisp, sharp images and incredible details. It is also Energy Star compliant and offers Touch of Color design.

Series 4 offers three Samsung LCD televisions – a 22, 26 and 32 inch and they are priced from approximately three hundred eighty dollars to approximately six hundred dollars. Series 3 offers five televisions – two 19 inch, and one 22, 26 and 32 inch each. All are moderately priced at under five hundred dollars.

It would be wise to do an online comparison of features to ensure that you are purchasing the Samsung LCD television that has everything you are looking for. Sites like Amazon offer you a chance to find a great television at a bargain price along with auction sites like eBay. Be sure to check the seller’s feedback and ask about a warranty.

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